345일만에 집에 돌아간다.
한 1000일은 있어야 한국이 그리울 것 같은데......

폴란드에서 만난 인연, 추억 모두 소중하고 정말 감사합니다!

인턴 기간 동안 주말에 묵었던 노보텔에서 찍은 바르샤바 centrum 사진을 마지막으로.....

내 인생 황금기를 보낸 폴란드, Na razie!!

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  • elpiniki 2007.09.02 22:01

    Yeonwooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!! husa!!!!Photos..this wanna kill me???:-( Don't leave Europe...Stay here...I love you!
    Have a nice flight. Moooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my loca Samantha!!! I'm going to miss you my gungsta!!! For sure! Moooooooooooaaaaaaa

    • Yeonwoo 2007.09.04 23:35

      엘피니키야, Husa!
      The song is fantastic, isn't it? hehe

      I'm back to Korea! We have 6 hour gap..
      Everything is the same and i feel the time in europe was just like a dream..
      I spent whold day for sleeping and cleaning...hehe
      I showed the pics to my parents we took in Greece.
      As soon as they saw, they said it looked very hot!! hahaha
      I miss you, take care and come to korea!!!! :)

  • eileen 2007.09.04 22:28

    yeon woo!!! i miss u!! contact me.... :)

    • Yeonwoo 2007.09.04 23:36

      My dear Eileen!!!
      I miss you too!!!
      Finally, I'm back to korea yesterday!!
      How are your work and JE?
      Everybody says i gained too much...
      My weight is out of control and i've to do sth but
      after enough sleep and rest... haha
      Bit afraid to go back to reality....
      I'll call you soon~! wait~~~
      Love u always, take care :)